Diamond Dotz®Sandwich Adhesive Roll 30 x 91cm (5511647133860)

Diamond Dotz® Sandwich Adhesive Roll 30 x 91cm

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DDA.075 Sandwich Adhesive Roll 30 x 91 cm

Roll Size: 30 x 91 cm

Fabric Size: 12 x 36 cm

Cut out Sandwich Adhesive to your desired design size & shape. Peel back the white release paper and apply the sticky side to your desired surface.

* Peel back the clear top layer and dot directly onto the sticky surface. TIP: The clear top layer can be used to protect the sticky surface in between dotting sessions. 

* Best surfaces are smooth, clean, and dry. Not suitable for use on fabrics or uneven surfaces.

* Do not wash, iron, or dry clean.

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